Stories, moments and marketing for leaders
in culture, food and travel

Kinship is

An integrated marketing agency built for where the world is going. We blend the best of Customer Relations - Public Relations - Social Media - and Influence Media for leaders in culture, food and travel.

We talk last. We focus on ROI, data and a customer’s belonging. But most of all, we fight - fiercely - for the doers and makers who market with meaning.

"Maybe stories are just data with a soul"

Brené Brown

A need to be different

What kind of marketing actually improves margins?

Kinship feels like your own in-house agency. We play to your strengths, offering comprehensive and a la carte services that blend the best advances in marketing today. We support internal team members, assist fellow agencies or gladly go it alone.

Where is the ROI?

We offer real-time, cloud-based performance analytics and transparent account management for ROI that’s easy to identify. We also self-perfect, iterating our services constantly to drive bigger margins.

How do you use data to optimize demand?

Equal parts art and science, we tie emotionally deep strategies to your data. We target more than one audience at more than one time over more than one medium, effectively building your own network around you.

How do I truly connect with my customer?

The customer is the center of the strategy because consistent, thoughtful communication drives relevance for a long, long time. How you connect with your customer—and how our team connects with you—provides us all with opportunity—and meaning.


Marketing performs at its best when services go deep and storytelling responds to the bottom line.

In other words, there is stronger ROI when the tail does not wag the dog.

Strategic Planning for ROI

A plan to increase revenue and credibility by optimizing stories, demand drivers, the customer journey, and highly original content experiences, events and offers.

Customer Relations

A focus on consistent customer engagement through creative outreach, staff empowerment, loyalty as well as reputation management and ‘social customer service’.

Influence Media

A mobilization of WOM, influencers, collaborators and co-conspirators beyond the usual suspects who do not affect buying.

Social Media

A true integration of the online and offline experience to better engage, monetize and express you.

Public Relations

A tactical program that pushes for quality and quantity of media placements that resonate with meaning and create buyers in an age of click bait, content farming, listicles and the next greatest thing.

Branding, Design & Interactive

Our partner Point B Communications has successfully launched over 100 brands, with a particular emphasis on hospitality and travel. Their range of services include media planning, creative and interactive design.

Data-inspired storytelling for
leaders in culture, food & travel

Our Team

We are a team of restless strategists.

Our team is the sum of our parts and we believe everyone plays a critical, simultaneous role in your extra-dimensional campaign.

We value the past privilege of opening, promoting and advancing hundreds of acclaimed chefs and restaurants, nearly 70 hotels, one of the top ten largest hotel groups in the world, several management companies, destinations, large-scale events, architects and designers – alongside award winners in every category of play.

Yet, the past always seems a little too precious, especially when agency resumes pile up.

The most compelling thing about us? Us. Let’s talk.


Our digital jug of thanks for finds—both magic and plain— in culture, food and travel.



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